I am often asked for my recommendation on the best way to make money online.Sadly while the online business is absolutely a fantastic business model, most people that seek it out have a “lottery ticket” mentality.Yes it will break you out of the daily grind.Yes you can work your own hours.Yes you can work a lot less hours.Yes there is no more commuting.Yes there is no more office politics.Yes you can spend more time with your family.Yes you can have more leisure time.Yes you can take more vacations.Yes you can make an amazing amount of money.So here’s the question…Easily?Absolutely NOT EASILY!And there’s the main obstacle.For while wanting that “dream lifestyle” most people want it now, without the effort.Think about it. How long did it take to get where you are now?

Well then it has to take a reasonable amount of time to get out of where you are now. That makes sense doesn’t it?Creating a couple of thousand dollars a month is totally achievable.Creating the big residual income streams that you hear about. The $40000+ a month income is also totally possible.But whatever income you want to create, even $100 a month it will still come down to these three things.1. The AMOUNT of information you have.

2. The QUALITY of that information.

3. The level of ACTION that you take.That’s all there is to it. In total.Remember when the internet was called the “Information Superhighway”? Maybe not. Well that’s what it started out being called.That spawned the then new term “Information Technology”Still doesn’t ring a bell? OK how about “IT”? See everyone knows that term.How many people do you know work in “IT”?OK when you enter the online domain to create an income you are entering the “IT” zone.So if you have a LARGE AMOUNT of INFORMATION. And it is HIGH QUALITY INFORMATION. And you are ACTIVE with getting your information onto the SUPERHIGHWAY you’ll be driving in the fastlane.There it is. The formula. See it is that simple and I think that’s why people think it’s easy.Don’t be duped by thinking SIMPLE and EASY are the same thing.The formula is mind numbingly SIMPLE but EASY it ain’t!It doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.In my coaching I advise people to assume the position of a “problem solver”.There is a BIG wheel that you want to start turning but something is stopping it.What is the something…you may have guessed it…it needs high quality information and action before it will start turning.

And it can be exactly like that. You will think “Ok I’m doing everything that I thought would get it to turn, but it isn’t turning. What have I missed, or what do I need to add?”Then it’s take in more information, ensure that it’s high quality, act by

feeding it into the machine, get the wheel to turn…problem solved.Now big wheels start to spin slowly and then pick up speed, so keep feeding it with that high quality information because once a big wheel starts to turn there is a point where it has enough inertia to keep spinning on it’s own.Now how fast you want it to turn is up to you but if you get the wheel spinning at high speed you will definitely be traveling in the fastlane.Free and clear with just the wind in your hair.And it doesn’t get any better than that!

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