Kurnool is the best place to watch history of old temples and it is a headquater of the Kurnool district of Indian state Andhra Pradesh. kurnool is located on the banks of the river called Tungabhadra.In the city there is a famous fort called konda reddy Fort formally called kondareddy burj which covers entire city attraction along with tourists from other cities which is a historical monument.


kurnool city has major history comprises palaeolithic era,Early feudal era,mughal price.Rock paintings are very good looking,belum caves which are very important in kurnool district earlier these caves were occupied by buddhist monks reports says centuries ago.

kurnool is capital city of andhra state before andhra pradeshstate formation later hyderabad is the capital city for andhra pradesh state kurnool is combined with telangana state and both andhra and telangana form a andhra pradesh state formation.kurnool city behaves as a capital city for the duration from 1954 to 1956 later the telangana region combined with andhra state and form andhra pradesh state.

At that time kurnool city is the main city for andhra state and kurnool plays a major role with wide varieties of mineral resources such as iron ore,Dolomite,lime stone,ochre,quartz satellite and silica.

kurnool to guntakal railway which lies on kurnool railway station it is listed under A category station in the hyderabad division of south central railway.


The ministry of civil aviation proposed to develop kurnool airpot which is 25km from kurnool city and it is built upon 1,110 acres with cost of 234crores.


KONDAREDDY BURJ which is famous attraction part of the city which is located north east part of the city.orvakal rock gardens is also famous attraction for the city which is sculpture represents ancient caves lies in the south east of the city.


kurnool city connected with many cities such as hyderabad,banglore.National hidhway 44 connects from kurnool to hyderabad. The major high way passing from kurnool to chittoor passing through the city and the national highway numbering is 40.Apart from national highways there is a state highways also the major state highway 51 connects to srisailam,vinukonda,guntur,vijayawada.There are many transportations such as cabs,buses and etc.

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