Get up, go to work, go home, go to bed. Repeat ad nauseum. You feel as though you’ve fallen into a rut and you need a break. Now is the time to get out and see the world, but where do you start? Whether you’re looking for fun in the sun or you’re ready to bundle up on the slopes, there’s plenty of options to help satisfy your wanderlust.

For the history buff

If “vacation” for you means staying in and learning about historical landmarks and areas, look no further than Mackinac Island on Lake Huron in Michigan. To begin with, Mackinac Island lodging itself offers many unique experiences. There are no chain hotels on the island, so each hotel has its own history and ties to Mackinac. And since there are many different price points available, you can stay within budget regardless of how many people you’re bringing along.

Once you leave your hotel, make sure to take one of the carriage or walking tours available on the island (cars aren’t allowed in Mackinac, so be sure to bring your comfortable shoes). You’ll learn about the French settlers who once inhabited the island before the British overtook them, as well as notable residents, events, and the Native Americans who originally called Mackinac home. The more adventurous visitors can take in a haunted walking tour or the Haunted Theater for a spooky good time.

A visit during the winter months offers lots of holiday activities, including a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and visits from Santa. You may stock up on all of your gift-giving needs at the island’s Christmas Bazaar, and warm up in one of the many pubs located throughout the town (some of which are the oldest in Michigan). And once the holidays have come to an end? Have no fear, Mackinac Island is home to some of the finest cross-country skiing in the area, with unbeatable views.

For the beach bum

If laying on sand in the warm sun is more your idea of a good time, Hawaii may be just the destination you’re looking for. There are a multitude of resorts to choose from on the main islands, each with something different to offer. Take in a luau and experience the Hula for yourself. Try the local cuisine and drinks at every meal, and then slather on your sunscreen and head for the beach with a towel and book in your hand.

Once you’ve finished your book or need some time to connect with the ocean, consider taking up a new hobby: surfing. Surf lessons in Waikiki are a great affordable way to create lasting memories better than any souvenir, and they’re an excellent work out, too. Just hang tight on those waves, and you’ll be a pro in no time.

For the urban explorer

If your ideal vacation involves metropolitan locales and Instagram-worthy photos of food and man-made wonders, look no further than London, England. With more and more airlines offering flights to Europe and the international hub of Heathrow just outside London, it’s easier than ever to get to the original City.

Once there take in the sights and sounds, including the London Eye or Big Ben at Parliament, and try to sneak a peek of the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Take a tour in the historic West End to learn about the murders of Jack the Ripper, and then warm up with a nice “cuppa” tea (or whiskey) in one of the city’s many pubs. If you want the real English experience, try the blood pudding.

No matter your budget or interests, there’s a vacation waiting for you. You just need to know where to look.

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