Mexico is a nation with a thriving tourism industry, and for good reason. This is a remarkable nation with friendly people, a rich culture and history, and an amazing array of attractions for any type of vacation. Don’t be scared off by news stories – most of Mexico is quite safe and while MTV might give a non-family friendly idea of Mexico, the truth is that planning a safe, fun, and life-changing family friendly vacation in Mexico is very doable! Read on to learn more.

Start With The Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is a truly special place, and it’s the perfect starting point for any family friendly Mexico vacation! This is a general area; the name Riviera Maya focuses on the 81 mile stretch of coastal area that connects Cancun on one end and Tulum on the other. Featuring a wide array of different ecosystems, villages, and historic sites, this is an area that offers a wonderful taste of Mexico and Mexican culture in a safe, stable, and beautiful area.

Playa del Carmen is located about half way and was a sleepy fishing village that has shifted to family friendly resorts. The area around the Riviera Maya is full of Mayan Ruins and other historic sites, very laid back towns, and family-friendly beaches free of spring breakers or wild out of control parties but filled with beautiful sand, friendly locals, and a very pleasant experience for all involved.

While you can skip Cancun for the most part (unless you’re catching a water taxi to Isla Mujeres, that is) you’ll want to spend plenty of time at many places along the way. Make sure to visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to see the incredible wildlife and ecosystem, check out the Mayan ruins, and leave yourself enough time to enjoy inexpensive but delicious local cuisine and check out the town of Tulum at the bookend of the Riviera.

The Town Of Tulum

This is a very interesting town as the hotels on the beach and the main part of the town have a bit of distance. While this takes away the everything in one place convenience, this gives plenty of time to enjoy leisurely time on the beach and head into town to mill about the markets, restaurants, and friendly people who enjoy life on a very relaxed, small village type of pace.

This allows a more natural interaction with many of the residents, and the streets are very safe opening the opportunity to explore around and enjoy very natural interactions in an environment that encourages those personal and unique experiences.

Many travelers point to Tulum as not only one of their favorite places in Mexico, but one of their favorite places to travel to, period.

Have Relaxing Fun On Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres has been considered an absolute hidden gem among many for decades, and just the name of this magical little island has often been a conversation point among experienced travelers who visited this wonderful gem located several kilometers off the coast from Cancun. Only accessible via boat and ferry, Isla Mujeres has luxury hotels and stunning beaches, but also many affordable hotels and managed to keep that small island feel. Most locals get around via cart, and Playa Norte is considered by many to be the most kid-friendly beach in all of Mexico.

The main town features a pedestrian only street that is lined with many good restaurants and shops while the beaches feature soft sand and clear water. If the kids are old enough, the snorkeling is fantastic. There is something for everyone here and it won’t take long for you to see why Isla Mujeres is so loved by travelers of all types.

Los Cabos

If you’re traveling out of southern California, it might be time to look on the Pacific time. The point of Baja California is known for having a variety of great vacation options that cater to tourists, though Los Cabos is one of the most family friendly choices. In Los Cabos you have Cabo San Lucas which offers great restaurants, shopping, and a very active vibe while San Jose del Cabo is the laid back cousin where you can go at a slow steady pace, meander around town, and enjoy a quieter beach and area.


If the beautiful colonial design of churches, town squares, and green mountain vistas don’t pull the eyes off of the smartphones, then it might be a hopeless chore. This is a truly gorgeous place with stunning building after stunning building and a town square that is designed for walking and on the ground interaction. This is the type of location that can inspire wonder in children of all ages.

Things To Look Out For

While there are many options even beyond this list that are fantastic for family travel. That being said, always take a few steps ahead of time to make sure you get the right setup.

– Region specific travel warnings. Most of the country is very stable and safe but doing research on the small areas having issues lets you avoid them from the start.

– Places that advertise as family friendly.

– Places that are adult only – you don’t want to make reservations only to realize this isn’t the right place for you and yours.

– Look at spots that are interesting to your family members and customize your trip accordingly

– Be creative and find a trip that is educational, safe, and exciting for all involved!

What’s This Mean?

While many people still wonder if Mexico is really a family-friendly definition it’s easy to say that yes, there are plenty of options when it comes to an interesting, fun, and safe family vacation. While there are certain resorts or places that cater more to an adult only crowd or a beach party crowd, those are limited areas that are easy to plan around and avoid and there’s plenty more that the wonderful nation of Mexico has to offer.

A little bit of research ahead of time can lead to you planning the type of family vacation where everyone can Enjoy Mexico and will remember for a lifetime!

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