After making the tough decision to be a body builder and identifying specific objectives for your program, setting up an ideal body building routine becomes the next headache. The problem has been accentuated by the online supply of a million and one body building routines each one claiming to be the best. But it’s in choosing which one fits your objectives and requirements that the real problem lies. At this point, your barely know what works for you and what fits your specific goals. By all it takes, you are probably a new jack in the trade all out, and everything seems like a jumble of confusion for you.One of the best ways of choosing which among the available body building routines available can wok for you, is selecting ones that have been tested and acknowledged as viable. It is not what the source says that counts but what body builders on the ground and their training coaches and gym instructors are saying. Another way of validating a workout routine is by researching objectively the practical data available on each routine and any experimental results that may have been published to date. Work on basis of elimination until you can isolate the best from all these ‘bests’.

The ‘do it and you will see’ type of body building programs accessible on and offline these days are rarely effective and or practical in bringing tangible gains. Any workable routine that has even the slightest chance of working must incorporate several key features. It must for instance identify the process of identifying goals, determining training loads and intensity levels, the monitoring process for progress of even regression, training frequency and durations and even a way of setting up effective recovery periods within the program.The body building program must identify in precise terms how the routine builds up to progressive training level after level towards the ultimate objective. The routine must therefore vary your intensity levels or what body builders call workout loads in tandem with periodic body development. With gains, the routine must alter exercises in both intensity and isolation of muscle groups for that is how the body progresses from one point t the next in the body building journey. It must also provide for periodic evaluations to consolidate gains and revisions of training procedures if need be while the training is on course. The only way to know whether a body building routine is working is by evaluating gains consistently and constantly.

This is why it is advisable for the body builder to maintain periodic visits to the weighing scale and size measurement cabinets to determine how close or far one is since the program took off. Modern body builders also employ the ‘one-rep maximums’ technique to measure progress especially in muscle strength and endurance. Every body building routine worth the name must always provide for a means of evaluating gains and development for as many times as possible during the program’s tenure.

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