Home to the globally renowned and modern marvel, the Burj Al- Arab, Dubai boasts what can be described as an ‘everything is possible’ attitude. In Dubai, dreams come true and time and again, this formerly virtually unknown desert emirate has confounded the ‘developed’ world with the daring spirit with which it takes on and manifests dreams. Masterpieces have been created time and again in Dubai and they are not even done yet. Do you need any other invitation to visit this country? I believe not and the next thing for you is to find cheap flights Dubai. The question is; how do you go about it? Are cheap flights to Dubai a reality just like a cheap flight to Europe?It is not impossible to get cheap flight Dubai. There are quite a number of airlines that are making regular trips into the country while offering cheap flights as you embark on your cheap holidays. I have to first let you know that there are times of the year when Dubai is ‘hot’ to visit, giving you the chance to compare holidays after all the fun. In case you are not aware, Dubai is host to the most popular shopping festival in the world, The Dubai Shopping Festival which is also known as ‘Layali Dubai’ that takes place at the beginning of the year and lasts for about a month. The visitor traffic is simply unbelievable, over 3.3 million in 2005. Unfortunately, this situation also presents a downside because it means fares will hit a high within that period. I advise you to compare flight prices to book your seat very much in advance to beat the rush (there will always be one thanks to unchanging human behavior). There are quite a number of airlines flying into Dubai from Europe and they include Lufthansa, Air France and Austrian Airlines and this makes it easier for you to compare cheap flights.

The Dubai International Airport is actually the largest hub for air travel in the entire Middle Eastern region. If you also planning to visit Dubai any time soon, you also have to conduct careful research to ascertain which airline is offering the cheapest airfare in terms of the pocket friendliness. The sheer number of airlines flying into Dubai engenders competition and your patience and diligence is bound to pay off with the cheapest flights. Plans are afoot in the audacious project, The Dubai World Central International Airport which will be the fourth largest in the world and projected to handle about 70 million passengers. This means that there will be more flights options. However for now, apart from the official carrier, Emirates, you also have the option of its low-cost partner, FlyDubai. You are thus assured of price consideration when visiting this exotic place.

You can also try visit at the time of the year when there fewer tourist though is not the easiest of things to do as Dubai was built on the concept of having activities all year round. You can see the world’s most expensive horse race and participate in endless sporting events throughout the year.

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