Preparing for an interview is almost as important as the actual event, because going into the meeting with no thoughts on potential questions, research of the company or awareness of the job is as good as not turning up.Fine tune your research skillsA few days before the interview, candidates should find everything out about the company that they can. Viewing its website is an obvious starting point, while looking at the news section can show what it has been up to lately and any new projects it has completed. As the UK is only just emerging from the recession, it is a good idea to find the firm’s most recent results and research how stable the company is.

Another thing to research is the people carrying out the interview. This is handy purely to put them in context, but can also give candidates common ground to talk about.Networking is another option in the quest to find out more about the firm, as meeting people who work for it or used to means applicants can get the inside track.Know all the answersPeople should anticipate the type of questions they will be asked and prepare answers to them. This is particularly important if they have something which may need to be explained away, such as employment gaps, a change in career or if they are applying for a more junior role. Giving clear, thought-out answers is crucial to allaying the employer’s fears.However, no interviewer wants to talk to a parrot, so it might be better to think of bullet points to the questions, rather than a whole speech which could sound rehearsed.When considering the answers to more general questions, candidates should look carefully at the job description and make sure that they hit all the requirements of the role.Plan the detailsThere’s nothing worse than getting lost on the way to an interview, as it can lead to panic and being late for the meeting. So candidates should ensure that they plan which trains they need to get, whether they can walk the remaining distance and print out a map of their route.

It’s also a good idea to have the job interviewer’s phone number handy in case the worst does happen, so they can warn them of lateness.For those who are very bad with directions, it might be worth travelling to the office before the interview so it is fresh in their head. However, for those applying for a job in a different area, this will not be possible. Google Street View can come to the rescue in this case, as it allows people to pinpoint important landmarks and virtually make the journey from the station or bus stop.

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