Starting a dollar store involves one critical decision after another. Make a mistake and there will be consequences. That is especially true where your choice of dollar store merchandise is concerned. After all, in today’s economic times shoppers are on the lookout for great bargains. They are also extremely well informed about the dollar discount marketplace. They know the wholesale products available to you, and they have grown to expect their core needs will be met every time they make a quick stop at your store. One product category where this is absolutely true is health and beauty products.Hair careCarry a good assortment of hair care products. When starting a dollar store you will be amazed at just how well these products sell. Start with assorted shampoos and conditioners, hair gel, hair spray, and hair coloring products. Don’t forget to add a good selection of combs, brushes, mirrors, as well as hair bands, hair rollers, and other hair accessories.

Shaving productsWhile the assortment may have fewer products, be sure to provide a good assortment of brands in the shaving line. Products to consider include razors, replacement blades, shaving cream, pre-shave, and after shave. Provide a good assortment of these items.Dental careWhen starting a dollar store you will find dental care products sell. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, denture cleanser, floss, floss swords, and mouthwash are all on the list. Expect them to sell quickly, so be ready for replenishment orders.Skin, nail and beauty productsNail polish remover, cosmetic wedges, body wash, body powder, hand cream, moisturizer, fragrances for women, fragrances for men, bubble bath, nail clippers, manicure supplies, nail polish and cosmetics are the place to start.Baby productsBaby wipes, diapers, baby shampoo, and baby powder are just the beginning. As shoppers discover you carry these products they will begin to look to your store as a source for more and more of their baby basics. Be ready to respond with safe products ranging from baby diapers to gift sets and assorted baby toys.First aidBandages, elastic wraps, hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, tape, and first aid ointments are all included.All the basic accessories to support each of these categories.The list of dollar store merchandise that can be added to health and beauty is almost limitless. Other popular items to consider adding include assorted bar soap, liquid soap, anti-bacterial liquid soap, anti-bacterial hand wipes, cotton swabs, cotton balls, cotton puffs, pain patches, protective masks, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, pregnancy tests, shower caps, foot powder, assorted deodorants, nail clippers, tweezers, eyelash curlers, cosmetic brushes, bath and shower sponges, and travel cases. The list of possible dollar store merchandise to add to the selection offered goes on from there.

There are many other products to consider if you are starting a dollar store. These include vitamins and supplements, ointments and rubs, analgesics, antacids, eye drops and more. All of these items are popular. As you begin to understand your specific location and shopper needs, adjust the quantities and variety to match spending habits. Always remember; your health and beauty department includes dollar store merchandise that your customers need. They will come to your store time and again for these items.To your success when starting a dollar store!

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