Orlando famously boasts some of the world’s best theme parks and the winter season offers a unique opportunity to see them in a totally different light. In a sense, that’s quite literally true as every theme park in Orlando goes all out with the decorations, lights, music and more, in honour of the festive season. The largest and most famous theme parks, such as the Walt Disney World® Resort (also known as Disney World®) also put on incredible firework displays, Christmas shows and winter specials for those visiting Orlando during the cooler months, and so if anything, Orlando can be an even more magical destination around this time of year. Plus, let’s face it – queuing in the heat and humidity of the peak season can be really tiring so at least in the winter you can also avoid the most intense Florida heat. Two CLC Orlando resorts, CLC Regal Oaks and CLC Encantadaare located just a few minutes’ drive from the theme parks and offer a perfect base for a family vacation in Orlando.

Visiting Orlando in Winter: What to Expect from the Weather

Perhaps unsurprisingly considering its location, Orlando boasts very mild winters, particularly in comparison to some of the more northern states. The climate is warm and temperate all year round and in winter, daily temperatures can often reach the 70s meaning you’re unlikely to need anything more than a light cover-up for chilly evenings. When it comes to rain, you’d be unlucky to   need an umbrella as the months of December, January and February all have an average of only four rainy days – dry and fair weather all round!

Visiting Orlando in the Winter: Shopping and Retail Therapy

Orlando is not only famous for its rollercoasters and Mickey Mouse – it’s also a world-class shopping destination. Boasting some of the largest and most impressive malls and outlet stores in the world, it’s no surprise that visitors flock to Orlando all year round to enjoy a serious dose of retail therapy. Visiting in winter means you can browse for bargains to your heart’s content, without feeling like you’re missing out on a day at the beach.

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