One question we’re often asked is “Where is the best place for a UK stag party?” That’s kind of like asking “What is the best beer?” It’s hugely subjective and depends entirely on your group to enjoy the most popular stag do ideas in UK.

Great Britain, the United Kingdom – just those two descriptions of our peerless nation suggest we should be confident and for stags at least it’s spot on, if you know where to go Blighty’s an amazing place to party!


London has been the setting for many of James Bond’s most amazing scenes. Now you and the lads can get in on the action, racing down the Thames on the Ultimate Rib Adventure. Leaving the group shaken but not stirred this is a truly epic way to see London at high speed with the music pumped and your Connery impression in full swing… “The namesh Bond, Jamesh Bond…”


Oxford is home to history, academia and a shed load of adrenaline pumping activities guaranteed to keep the lads grinning from ear to ear over the course of their stag do! Whether it’s Top Gear, wheel to wheel action at our Stockcar Racing, Go Karting or Auto Circus sessions or sharpshooting stag pleasers like SWAT Experience, Diamond Snatch or Special Forces Training Day, Oxford’s got the lot!


Ravaged souls, drooling and looking to feast on flesh. No it’s not Birmingham City centre at kicking out time but our fantastic Zombie Boot Camp, where your stag troops can do battle and kick undead ass to survive a zombie apocalypse. Features live action gameplay.


Belfast, it’s all about the “craic”. And there are epic stag adventures to be had in this amazing and often mad city. From Rally Driving to High Ropes, awesome Paintball to the outstanding stag sporting challenge that is the Gaelic Games… Belfast has it all!


Home to the world’s greatest comedy festival, Edinburgh is all about laughs, whether it’s the mad activities, the friendly bars, hitting the Royal Mile or just chilling with the guys, Edinburgh stag weekends are comedy central.

  • Highland Games – Chucking massive tree trunks or hunting wild haggis, this is what makes ‘Scotland the brave’ and will separate the men from the wee boys.
  • Duckying – Despite the camp name, this is white water rafting for tough guys. One man, one boat, one epic ride.
  • Stag vs Food – Not a deep fried Mars bar in sight but this is still one of the greatest gastro challenges known to stag-kind.

To sum up, every stag party has a different criteria, some stags are purely looking for big nights out in even bigger nightclubs. Some stags stay off the booze in favour of action man style adventure.

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