When you are traveling for work planning and preparing is different than when you are headed out on a vacation. If you travel often enough it might feel like second nature, but we have all been caught without an essential item when in a place we are unfamiliar with. When you have the additional expectation of accomplishing work goals it can be very important to make sure you have everything you might need no matter what comes up.

Mifi Hotspot

Most hotels these days offer Wifi, which is great when you have a good space in your room or suite to work. However, the strength and signal could be inconsistent and that doesn’t help you when you are in a country with no cell service, or need to get on your laptop at the airport or elsewhere. If you don’t want to pay for Wi-Fi when you need it or get stuck in a dead zone bring your own personal hotspot with you.

Business Cards

You never know who you will meet when traveling and you do not want to be that person who ran out of business cards when everyone else is handing them out. Avoid potential missed connections by using Vistaprint to stock up on plenty of business cards before your trip.

Travel Apps

There are a number of applications for your phone that can help you keep track of all your documents. Depending on your need, you can download an app that will keep track of all your boarding passes or even your expense reports. Never worry about sifting through your bag to check your seat number on your boarding pass and save time down the road by entering your expenses now.

Multiuse Carry-On Bag

Many airlines have pretty strict regulations on the size and weight of your carry on. If you travel often enough you know that a good efficient carry-on bag makes all the difference. The new smart bags are even better because they can include everything from a power bank to charge your electronics to a built-in GPS so you never lose your bag again.

Reusable Water Bottle

If you have ever been on a long flight and forgot to by a water bottle first you know how frustrating it can be to try and get that tiny cup of water from the flight attendant when you are feeling dehydrated from the circulated air on the plane. Getting yourself a reusable water bottle with a filtration system can save money and allows you to fill it from almost any source of water. These come in especially handy in countries where tap water is unsanitary and bottled water is scarce.

Caffeine To Go

When you need a little more than just a thirst quencher water isn’t enough. On those days when it feels like you go straight from your bed to the boardroom with too much travel crammed in between, you may not have time to hit up your favorite café, or even find a café in your travels. Some of us can’t survive without our daily caffeine fix. For this I suggest always keeping a few instant java pouches or tea bags in your suitcase. That way you can give yourself a little pick me up no matter where you are in your travels.

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