Although the Taj Mahal is one of the most famed monuments in the world, people do not know much about it. Do not agree with this statement? Think you know everything there is to know about the splendid mausoleum? Then, here are some things to prove you wrong.

1. Agra got lucky

Yes, you read it right! Agra was not the original choice to be home to the Taj Mahal. A town named Burhanpur located in the present day Madhya Pradesh was where Mumtaz died and was temporarily buried. Shah Jahan is believed to have had already carved out a piece of land to house the structure. However, the area couldn’t provide white marble required for construction. Hence, Agra was chosen to be the home of the stunning structure.

2. It’s calamity-proof

The four towering minarets flanking the grand mausoleum in the middle were built slightly titled away from the centre. This was done so the minarets would fall away from the rest of the Taj in case of an earthquake. The minds behind the edifice really wanted it to last.

3. It’s not perfect

While the Taj Mahal may appear to be an embodiment of perfection with its seamless symmetry, that is not the case, as it turns out. Shah Jahan’s grave, which was introduced to the monument years after it was built, brought asymmetry to an otherwise perfectly symmetrical structure.

4. The Yamuna has kept it alive

The foundation of the Taj Mahal, which is made of timber, should have crumbled long ago. However, the Yamuna River gushing nearby has kept it moist and strong, giving people of the new generations the chance to feast their eyes on the magnificent mausoleum. However, the drying land below the structure has raised concerns among authorities responsible for its preservation.

5. Shah Jahan could only visit the monument after his death

You may have the option to book cheap domestic flight tickets and marvel at the edifice whenever you want. But the person who built it did not. Shah Jahan spent the final few years of his life in house arrest and could only see the Taj from afar. It wasn’t until his death that he was reunited with his wife. The two remain buried in a crypt beneath the inner chamber of the majestic monument.

6. Shah Jahan spent a billion dollars on it

The construction of the mighty Taj is believed to have cost Shah Jahan about 32 million rupees at the time. This amounts to about 1 billion USD today. Imagine all that money spent on just one monument!

7. The artisans who worked on it were probably not amputated

It is widely believed that Shah Jahan had the hands of 20,000 workers who constructed the Taj amputated, so that a structure so astonishing could never be created again. However, it is most likely a myth since its chief architect, Ustad Ahmed Lahauri, worked on several other projects after the completion of this symbol of love.

So, did you know these things about the Taj? If you haven’t captured the white beauty yet, then it is high time you scored a great flight booking deal and finally marvelled at the magnificent structure.