What’s your idea of the most popular vacation type? Is it a typical notion or a technology-trend-based-travel-thought, which pumps up the adrenaline rush in your blood? Is your vacation idea an ultimate one or you are still carving something adventurous out of it? Well for me, it is taking a long vacation driving down the road, perceiving all that the nature has to offer amidst serenity that becomes your companion when you are on a road trip. Such trips are amazing and have a glory of their own. They mean everything for a recluse and to those who have a vacation taste of their own. Even an ascetic like me would jump out on such an idea. Won’t you also like to get the taste of it?

In case you wish to perceive such trips in their own dignined glory, do mix up the taste of technology to the same. What about getting help from apps that have only been developed to assist with the road trips? Let’s have a closer look at the apps that help you plan a great road trip.


Apps to plan your next road trip


The slogan of the app suggests all that it does for the travelers. The app virtually helps to find everything that you would ever require along the way. It assists you to reach the destination, know all the routes that could help you to get close to the destination and navigate through these routes easily. Open the application and you will find millions of locations including dinner spots, resting places, roadside attractions and much more.


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Hotel Tonight

Hotel tonight as it sounds is for those who wish to have a stay at any particular destination after a long drive. Open the app and find thousands of hotels at the best possible price. Even the last minute hotel deals come affordably with the app that never burns a hole in your pocket.

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Trip by Skyscanner

Trip by Skyscanner comes under the category of social apps that helps you find the places to stay, eat, and play. The global community of users associated with this application uploads photos, reviews and the ratings for a particular place that helps you choose the most affordable deal that suits your budget and the preference.

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iExit is your ultimate travel buddy to notify you about the places to eat in the upcoming city, ATM points, and other business attractions. The app displays handy pictographs of the places that are yet to come. Additionally, users can search for a specific business by browsing through the application with the specific keywords.

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The Bottom Line

Travel apps fall into different categories and the ones listed here make your road trip much more fulfilling. In case you are getting greater assistance in the form of information about the next eatery junction or the place where you can get the petrol pumped in to your car, what else you would require justifying your stay on the roads even for a long weekend gateway? So, to all those who mark their travel addiction as their favorite hobby, here is my contribution to add more to their travel satisfying appetite.

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